With computerized simulation, it is possible instead to run simulations for hundreds or thousands of scenarios.

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Pandemic Flu Outbreak Simulation

The Problem

Key flu outbreaks in 2008 caught federal and state health agencies by surprise.

The Solution

We simulated a hypothetical outbreak in Alabama to allow state and federal health officials to role play a series of outbreaks to identify barriers to response.

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Bob Sheffield
Managing Director, Shell Aircraft International

Profit From Science

Business Laboratory was founded in 2009 with the idea that businesses can profit from science. Here we use science, most commonly mathematics, to help organizations understand the dimensions of complex business problems that come their way every day.

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We've Helped Companies

  • Optimize supply chains
  • Reduce cost in operations
  • Forecast retail sales/demand
  • Design consistent business processes
  • Simulate large IT initiatives
  • Manage growth in an uncertain environment
  • Understand talent

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