Business Laboratories performs scientific simulations and model-based analysis for mid-size and large businesses, and government organizations.  We’re creating the best problem solving company in the world using the techniques from science.

In 2002, a team of quantitative scientists left the business consulting arm of Arthur Andersen in order to start a company called Industrial Science.  It was founded on the basis that the best approach for business problems was to use the scientific method and process to solving those problems.  That company, Industrial Science, found success working on all kinds of exotic and creative problems, from IT optimization to retail store location, supply chain analysis, product development bottlenecks, sales forecasting, and even counter-terrorism.

It was during this time that Industrial Science innovated many of the methods Business Labs uses today, honing ideas on what makes a good model, and what makes a good modeling project.  The success of Industrial Science caught the attention of investors, and Industrial Science was acquired by nGenera in 2007.  This gave the team the opportunity to work with very large companies, including companies in the Fortune 10 to Fortune 50, on even bigger, more complicated problems.

Taking the lessons learned from working from nGenera, and adding new techniques such as web based modeling for collaboration and accessibility, the original team behind Industrial Science went back to what they did best – using science for fun and profit, (well, mostly profit) – and founded Business Laboratories in October 2009. In the years since then, Business Laboratory has worked all over the world with large, mid-sized, and government clients.

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The name “Business Laboratory” was chosen because a laboratory is a place to experiment and share ideas – and we experiment with business management concepts and principles as a means to promote innovation and productivity.

We’re not industry experts – we know that our clients have extreme knowledge of their own industries. You have the expertise and experience to solve any of your problems and what we provide is the analytical forum in which to express, house, and leverage that knowledge, and the mechanisms in which to impart that knowledge to others. We’re just good, all ‘round solid problem solvers who apply the sound principles of science in a variety of business contexts.

It is our hope that we will have a hand in fundamentally reshaping business for a challenging future where there is uncertainty and risk, where regulatory policy is uncertain, and where competition is not just regional but global.

In short, we solve business problems using science. Kind of an awesome way to make a living, actually.