George Danner Unprecedented Automation SIM Houston Award

Unprecedented Automation

George Danner Talks to SIM Houston CIO Conference October 5th, 2018

An invitation to speak about Unprecedented Automation to business leadership is always a welcomed opportunity for George Danner. The Society for Information Management (SIM), Houston Chapter is an organization that provides IT and business leaders nationwide intellectual capital and resources to do business better. SIM partners with CIO organizations and conferences to share learning experiences with their membership. They host a quarterly CIO Breakfast for Senior Level IT professionals and asked George to share what is next on the automation horizon.

George Danner is President of Business Laboratory and Author of the forthcoming book The Executive Guide to Automation by Springer Publishing. Spring is the number one international publisher in science, technology, and medicine. George is bringing business leadership front and center to the world stage of how automation is changing business as we know it. His speech advised IT executives how company automation can affect supply chain, strategic decision making, forecast demands, and pricing. These processes are crucial to business success. It’s about revisiting every process and giving those processes the advantages that automation brings.

In His Own Words:

“The evidence is clear that we are near an inflection point in our ability to automate nearly everything, including those tasks that we could have never conceived as automat-able.  How companies prepare for a future world punctuated by high levels of automation will separate the great from the average.” – George Danner

When it comes to the “Internet of Things” or IoT, we have enormous amounts of collected data provided by automated processes. The power of automation becomes – unprecedented automation – when coupled with the scientific processes used with data is giving business unprecedented advantages. It up to business leadership to ask new questions and come to the automation table with an open mind. Thank you to SIM Houston for providing the forum for that conversation.

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