Strategic Partnership - Ariaal

Strategic Partnership – Ariaal

We want our clients to think smarter, not harder. That’s why when you see an opportunity to channel industry expertise, you take it. With this in mind, Business-Laboratory is proud to announce our new strategic partnership with Ariaal of Durham, NC.  Some may know Ariaal as Charlotte Software Systems as they just recently rebranded. Their new website and creative branding are ready to take Ariaal to a global stage.

Ariaal specializes in analytics software for the Automotive Remarketing and Upstream Energy industries. Together, Ariaal and Business Laboratory are positioned to solve unique, seemingly unsolvable problems for leaders in those industries.

Ariaal’s Portfolio Advisor enables multi-objective capital planning for upstream energy.  It optimizes investment and scheduling decisions for portfolios of capital projects, where it is necessary to balance tradeoffs between competing business objectives while satisfying many operational, strategic, and financial constraints.

Ariaal’s Remarketing Advisor gives auto remarketers a kind of an algorithmic crystal ball for where, when, and how to resell vehicles in order to maximize total return. It’s about predicting trends, minimizing waste and optimizing profits. We at Business-Laboratory call it genius.

Finally, we laud Ariaal’s Aclarium™ Optimization Platform. The same platform at the core of Ariaal’s software products can also be used to create customized solutions for challenging business problems that are not addressed well by off-the-shelf products. Business Laboratory has the training and experience to apply Aclarium whenever advanced optimization technology is required. Partnerships like ours makes your business smarter and stronger.

Ariaal’s exceptional business acumen is brought to you by our long-time colleague, Kevin Kostuik.  Kevin is a force in the data science community and brings over 20 years of hands-on leadership to Ariaal’s helm. Yes, he is from Canada, but we’re ok with that. We don’t care how he got here, we’re just glad he did.

Welcome to the analytics team Kevin! We look forward to working with you and clients from your areas of expertise.

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