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Business Intelligence power is data harnessed with mathematical modeling and driven by the scientific process to solve complex business problems. Business leaders and stakeholders are then armed with better ways to make critical and stealthy business decisions.

Business Intelligence results from processes that have an underlying algorithm.  Being able to create varying solutions by manipulating factors or elements of a process gives the decision maker ways to optimize results without having to exhaust or underutilize resources. These tools are powerful and have applications far beyond what we can imagine. Advanced processing technology gives us infinite ways to reimagine outcomes.

By now, you’ve heard the executive buzzword “digital transformation”. What is digital transformation? How is it defined? How will your business be affected by it and to what extent? Business leaders need to have the answers to these questions now, not tomorrow. We are rapidly moving into an age of digital currency with blockchain and Ethereum, a technology that enables developers to build and deploy decentralized applications that will change whole cultures and societies.

Business Laboratory is at the forefront of these technologies and is helping global business engage with it in meaningful ways. We invite you to take the journey with us. We aren’t a crystal ball, but we have math, science and technology on our side creating telling scenarios for business. Join us.


Intentional strategy for your data is key. Run thousands of optimization scenarios in a matter of minutes.

Cost Analysis

Has your organization mastered the ‘calculus’ of cost behavior? We use powerful algorithms to find real-world cost solutions.


Could predicting conditions of all types help your business? It’s like having a data crystal ball.


We specialize in optimizing complex business systems to get absolute answers to your collected data.

George Danner Bio

George Danner, President-CEO

Author of Profit From Science and

The Executive’s How-to-Guide to Automation

Winner of Wolfram-Alpha Innovator Award

This award was given to George Danner by Stephen Wolfram, Father of Mathematica, for his groundbreaking work in infectious disease control, energy, and retail optimization.

Simulation allows a problem to be solved thousands of different ways. Here are some of the real-world issues George held under the analytics microscope for optimization:


  • Flu outbreak simulation helped the CDC create an outbreak simulation, identifying obstacles to outbreak response.

  • Business Laboratory expertise with energy company natural gas wells helped identify an optimal drilling sequence.

  • Identified optimal store locations for a national retailer enabling them to double their storefronts.

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